Review: Eternal Armageddon – Black Thrash Bastards

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Demo Review, Reviews
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One look at the name of both the band and the demo title tells you almost everything you need to know about Eternal Armageddon. Bonus information; they’re from Bangladesh. While not necessarily key in this world we live in where metal is everywhere, but it yet again speaks to the strength of the subcontinent area of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh as a hotbed for some of metal’s best kept secrets.

‘Black Thrash Bastards’, after the obligatory intro track (which is surprisingly worth listening to, unlike a lot of intros these days), kicks into a raw high gear with the energetic hatred of ‘Hate Reincarnated’. The production values are very raw, which suits the music very well, but you lose a bit of the effect. It’s obvious that Eternal Armageddon are going for the low-fi assault here, and the songs are well written and memorable. It’s just a shame to me that its all a bit lost in the mix.

The title track has some great black thrash riffs in there though, and the yelped rasps add to the roughness. ‘Satanic Whispers’ is probably the best track here, reminding me of prime Bathory or Venom. Their cover of Sodom’s ‘Blasphemer’ is a suitable homage to the original as well. I like the band and the demo, but Eternal Armageddon could get it remixed with a bit more clarity, I think it would benefit them great. It’s clear that the music is good and Eternal Armageddon do what they do passionately and well, but for me it needs to be a bit clearer. I watched their recent live videos from Baptism of Fire 2015, and the sound is much better. Support here

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