Review: Goatblood – Adoration of Blasphemy and War

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Reviews
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Fuck me, Goatblood’s first full length release is seriously raw and nasty. ‘Adoration of Blasphemy and War’ is 30 minutes of clattering, raw as fuck blackened death metal chaos that sneaks up on you in the night and violently murders you unsuspectingly. These Germans have got some serious anger issues…

‘Adoration of Blasphemy and War’ takes its cues from early Bathory and Sodom, and then injects a huge dose of evil and extra Satanism for good measure. Vocally, we’re talking gargling rasps and putrid screams. The guitars are like rusty chainsaws severing blood vessels, skewering you with Satanic rage. The song titles are less than subtle of course, with the picks of the bunch being ‘Eve Pisses on Adam’ and ‘Animal Anal Acrobatic’ which, honestly, I don’t understand.

Progressive song structures are also not the order of the day either. Basically Goatblood hammer you relentlessly with 15 tracks, with few reaching over two and a half minutes. There is no scope for anything other than pure nihilistic Satan worship, and you have to admire their spirit. As most of the tracks sound pretty similar, it is difficult to pull out any particular stand out track, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If this release was any longer, it’d probably start to drag, but half an hour of this bloodsoaked chaos is just about right. The cover art is pretty cool too.

Goatblood serve you up a dreadful, barbed wire wrapped racket, praising Satan and sounding evil. There’s nothing new, but there’s nothing really bad here either. A perfectly decent record for scaring away your neighbours, family and anything else, ‘Adoration of Blasphemy and War’ is pure hatred distilled into half an hour. Worth a listen


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