Review: Blasphemer – Demo of Darkness

Posted: April 19, 2015 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Demo Review, Reviews
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Blasphemer are an old school UK death metal band who were originally active in the early 90s and had some highly acclaimed demos. They have recently returned to the studio in February this year, and have since belched this two track demo in existence.

‘Immortality’ roars forth from your speakers with a decidedly thick, old school groove. This has got vile, Obituary soaked riffs sewn into its flesh, and a bone rattling Autopsy sludginess to it. It sounds like it has been sucked through a vortex of time from about 20 years ago, but excellent soloing and a gargling, guttural vocal line drags it screaming into the 2010s. I fucking love it.

‘Sarcastic Ideology’ is more of the same, with a creeping old Celtic Frost influence in places too. It is raw but satisfying chunky riffing that makes it so damn awesome. There’s nothing particularly fancy about it, but the appeal is in the gusto with which it is done. Blasphemer embody the true heart of nasty, thick early 90s death metal, and channel the spirit of those early pioneers while forging an identity of their own. I cannot fucking WAIT to see what comes next.


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