Review: Animist – S/T EP

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Reviews
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EP cover art

New York five piece Animist play a rather great style of progressive death metal. Their debut EP is but three tracks, but clocks in at over half an hour’s worth of dazzling death prog, replete with blasting, epic guitar lines and a guttural roar that is surprisingly decipherable.

Take the brutal beauty of opener ‘Here Our Highest Good is Pleasure’. It’s got it all, from thunderous double kicks and razor sharp riffs, to ethereal soaring melodies, even slipping in a bit of blood spraying black metal esque fury. There’s cool Eastern melodies thrown in, and the seven plus minutes feels like half that. ‘Seething Moon’ opens with a delicate acoustic, before galloping off into melodeath territoy with clean vocal lines mixed in amongst the rasping. The cleans are powerful and not overbearing at all, so they work.

There’s some seriously impressive guitar work, particularly in the spiralling solos, and the lead melodies are always memorable. The clean vocals add a dash of the epic to the proceedings, but I am glad that they are kept to a minimum. The last minute of so of this track is one of the favourites of the year so far! Closing with the crush and the ebb of ‘Catharsis’, which runs the gauntlet from graceful ripping blackened fury, Animist’s debut EP is one of pure class and talent. Each song is laden with excellent riffs, pinpoint control of each element and particularly good songwriting skills. Get yourself some!


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