Review: Kafir-E-Azam/Bvlghvm (Split)

Posted: April 12, 2015 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Kafir-E-Azam/Bvlghvm cover art

A while back, I featured Multinational Corporations, a Pakistani grindcore band, on one of my roundup blog posts. Their particular brand of aural violence is sludgy, swampy and simply fucking brilliant. Well their frontman Hassan has another grindcore sideproject called Kafir-E-Azam, and they’ve recently released a split with Ralwalpindi powerviolence destroyers Bvlghvm.

Kafir-E-Azam’s side of the split is nine tracks over four minutes, and is the kind of bowel rattling grind violence you’re looking for. The production is a little thin, but the music is hellish, with a gurgling roar and a battering percussive assault. Three of the songs barely touch seven seconds, and there’s a satisfying headbanging groove in the longest track, the one and a half minute ‘Toilet Bowl Politics’.

Bvlghvm (I’m not even gonna pretend I know how that’s pronounced), well their side of the split is even shorter, with five tracks covering two and a half minutes. This split is shorter than a lot of single songs I have in my collection. ‘Taaruf’ acts almost as an intro, with a slow, jerking buzzsaw riff, while ‘Woh Raha Khadda’ and ‘Idhar Tau Oa, Bataun’ are raw slices of hardcore punk/grindcore malice. It’s hard to judge music sometimes at this speed, but both acts do what they do well, and what they do is incite feelings of rage in us all! Get here:


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