Review: Kafirun – Glorification of Holy Death

Posted: April 11, 2015 in Band of the Day, Demo Review, Reviews
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Kafirun are Vancouver, BC’s answer to the more famous Canadian black metallers from the French quarter of Canada. Their new release, ‘Glorification of Holy Death’, is five tracks and 20+ minutes of brain tearing, flesh melting black metal violence.

‘Wings of Malevolence’ starts us off with a deceptively gentle intro before a wall of relentless, black/death riffs rain down with fury and malice. This shit is seriously dark; a rasping scream echoes in the distance, smothered by the battery of double kicks. Ethereal chanting adds to the mood, and the relentless assault continues into ‘Salvation through Sin’, which has a brutally direct ending section. The blackness of this record is ALL in the atmosphere its generating; a sort of aura of darkness and dread.

‘Destruction of the Divine Self’ is slow, then explosive. ‘Glorification of Holy Death’ has that feel about it, that feeling that this is not an ordinary record. The atmosphere is choking, dense and foreboding. ‘Destruction of the Divine Self’ is a short sharp shock for anyone who thought that the direction or ethos of the band would change. There’s few melodies here, none of your ethereal open sections, and its almost entirely full on Marduk esque assault. Take the start of ‘Chaos Magnum Opus’, which erupts from the speakers with a blackened fury. It then evolves into the swaying, atonal beast of  a track that it is, as the devastating drum battery returns.

Closing with the finest piece here, ‘Open Veins’, Kafirun have crafted a record that is replete with moments of quality. The rampaging violence of every track meets with approval, and the choking, cloying atmosphere just adds to the effect. This is a fantastic piece of music, and deserves to be announced the rooftops as ‘ESSENTIAL’.




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