The Killchain Hour: My greatest playlist challenge yet

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Killchain Hour, Live Funeral Radio
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Well, we’ve tried a bit of a theme at Live Funeral Radio; the alphabet challenge. Playlist made up of 26 bands starting with each of the letters of the alphabet. Matt did it, Elk did it and now its my turn. But I cranked up my challenge. Not only did I have to get the 26 bands, but I got them all from different countries. Why I made it so difficult for myself I will never know, but I did it!

The playlist is built. The challenge has been accepted and accomplished. Behold, Tuesday’s Killchain playlist: 26 bands, ALL beginning with a different letter of the alphabet, in order, ALL from different countries. I’m going for a lie down. Be sure to tune in, 10pm GMT at

1. Asphyx (Netherlands) – Bloodswamp
2. Blood of Kingu (Ukraine) – Those That Wander Amidst the Stars
3. Celtic Frost (Switzerland) – Morbid Tales
4. Daggerspawn (Serbia) – I Am the Thousand Plagues
5. Ektomorf (Hungary) – You Leech
6. Firewind (Greece) – Tyranny
7. Gallhammer (Japan) – Speed of Blood
8. Hour of Penance (Italy) – Enlightened Submission
9. Inquisition (Colombia) – Baptized in Black Goat Blood
10. Judas Priest (UK) – The Ripper
11. Kreator (Germany) – Endless Pain
12. Legen Beltza (Spain) – Eternal Life
13. Moonspell (Portugal) – Scorpion Flower
14. Negura Bunget (Romania) – Inarborat
15. Opeth (Sweden) – Bleak
16. Portal (Australia) – Illoomorpheme
17. Quo Vadis (Canada) – In Contempt
18. Reverend Bizarre (Finland) – The Devil Rides Out
19. Sepultura (Brazil) – Arise
20. Tyr (Faroe Islands) – Hold the Heathen Hammer High
21. Ulver (Norway) – Hymne IV: Wolf and Man
22. Vader (Poland) – Lead Us!!!
23. Wormrot (Singapore) – Born Stupid
24. Xasthur (USA) – Purgatory Spiral
25. Yyrkoon (France) – The Book
26. Zombiefication (Mexico) – Broken Gravestone

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