Review: Gorgatron – Inner Supremacy

Posted: April 4, 2015 in Reviews
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Gorgatron - Inner Supremacy

Fargo, North Dakota’s Gorgatron were formed back in 07, and play a rather obviously influenced blend of death metal and grind ala Terrorizer, Nile or Dying Fetus. Their new record, ‘Inner Supremacy’ is their sophomore, after 2010’s debut ‘Torturetorium’.

‘The Year Nineteen Nagasaki’ starts the record off with a raging, deathgrind assault that drops out into a massive groove at one point. The drumming is insane, with some slightly tinny sounding blastbeats peppering the scene. It’s a shame that the production seems a bit poor, because the music is fucking killer, but it sounds a bit thin. The razorblade attack of ‘Flesh Erosion’ is awesome, waspish deathgrind, and the title track has this great, grinding malevolent riff in the middle. It reminds me of latter period Cannibal Corpse in the surgical precision of the riffing.

The less than stellar production does actually enhance the rawness of the music. It’d be better, personally, if it was a bit meatier, but the sharp dryness of some of the riffing benefits. The music feels sharp, nasty and violent, as the full throttle ‘Thrasher Basher’ showcases perfectly. It’s relentless and brutal, and is possibly my favourite track here, although ‘Compressive Asphyxiation’ is close behind.

Closing with the triple whammy battering of ‘The Uncovering’, ‘Obsolescence’ and the brilliantly named ‘Drunken Cunt’, Gorgatron round off an impressive follow up record with sharpness, brutality and quality songs. Like I said, a better production would have made me more excited by it, but ‘Inner Supremacy’ is a ripping deathgrind record that takes influence from all the greats.

Band Websites:
Zero Budget Records

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