The latest great idea from Sixsixsix Music is the Metal Legions digital single series, featuring 3 bands from 3 different continents on a free digital download. The idea behind this was to help bands make new fans in different countries, which is pretty laudable. Having spent a bit of time researching different scenes across the globe, I’ve come across a number of great bands that I never would have found otherwise. So, onto the singles.

Metal Legions 1 changed at the last moment, so instead of Angmaer we have Goatchrist’s raging ‘A Message Blows East on Sumerian Winds’, of which I’ve waxed lyrical enough about recently on my review of their new album, so onto Indonesia’s Maledikta. Their brand of black metal has some cool eerie moments, and a rasping croak. The riffs are thick, and are augmented nicely by some piano. It is midpaced with some nice Middle Eastern tremolo melodies, bringing to mind Melechesh’s raw work, and I like it. Starless Night, from the US, have supplied a twenty minute odyssey, ‘Time Heals Nothing When There’s No Good to See’, which isn’t the catchiest title in the book, but the song is all brooding nightmare. Slow synths build into thudding blasts and soaring riffs, with a contemplative heart at its core. This is very much atmospheric black metal majesty, with a great sense of openness and scope. It’s a magnificent piece of work, and compliments the other two tracks well, adding a welcome relaxation period during a long ambient section.

Metal Legions 2 consists of Canada’s Survival Instinct, the UK’s own Gods of War and Brazilians Corpsia. Opener ‘Hell’s Angels’ gives a nice summation of what Survival Instinct are all about. Namely, blackened thrash in the vein of classic Sodom. It’s tight, passionately done and catchy as hell. The UK fights their corner next with Gods of War, bringing ‘Fornost’ with another raw blackened thrash assault. Combining that with some clean vocal sections is brave though, and mostly works here. The solo is rampant, and the riffs are high quality. Corpsia finish off the second installment with a driving riff that is packed with heavy groove. Taking the thick chunky thrash route, Corpsia are a pleasant surprise. With the company they keep on this release, you’d be expecting something totally different, but the massive groove is fucking righteous man. I love it

If you don’t have these downloaded already, why the fuck not? 6 tracks over two releases with more to come, and all the bands are of high quality and variety. Bang your fucking head!


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