Review: Glutton for Punishment – Lying in Torment

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Reviews
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This album cover is a perfect example of my major issue with brutal death records. The artwork is generally some combination of sadistic eroticism and splatter gore, which really doesn’t thrill me at all. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen pretty much all of them. Every so often one appears that isn’t as bad, but mostly they’re just fucked. Thankfully for Glutton for Punishment, their music appeals to me in so many more ways.

‘Lying in Torment’, the Minneapolis quintet’s debut full length, is nothing short of raging. Combining breakneck assault with a palpable sense of groove plays great from opening track ‘Unheard Screams’, and there’s a hefty chunk of Cannibal Corpse worship about ‘Under Ashes’ too. In fact, it is Buffalo’s deathiest sons that spring to mind immediately with Glutton for Punishment. The chunky riffage and relentless drumming are prime, and the menacing sludginess of ‘Severed Flesh’ has some seriously cool moments.

Sure, you’ve heard it all before if you’ve spent any of the past few years immersed in some brutal death metal. But, Glutton for Punishment are still worth checking out. Sometimes you need someone that can pick and stick when it comes to styles or genres. Glutton for Punishment have got their blueprint, and even though most of the 26 minute running time sounds similar, each individual song is recognisably different to the previous. The musicianship is stellar (check out that solo in ‘Feast for Maggots’) and the growls, while still brutal, have a great clarity about them. ‘Lying in Torment’ is probably up there with some of the highlights of 2015 for me so far. You can’t go wrong with honest, brutal, metal like this.

Record Label:
Twin Town Tyrant Records
Live Sample:

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