Review: Slaughtered Remains – Parasitic Cannibalistic Infestation

Posted: March 21, 2015 in Reviews
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Parasitic Cannibalistic Infestation

‘Parasitic Cannabalistic Infestation’, yet another catchily titled record from the depths of brutal death metal, is the newest EP from New Yorkers Slaughtered Remains. First off, the album art is way cooler than these things normally are; featuring zombie alien monsters attacking people rather than the more standard ‘more gore than art’ look. It’s a pretty sweet cover.

After the unsettling intro track, the title track kicks us off proper with a tar thick groove and a murky, swampy vocal growl. Another plus being the almost comprehensible nature of the vocals. There’s also some cool atonal guitar lines, and a wailing siren effect adds to the whole ‘biological emergency’ feel. ‘We Interrupt This Broadcast’ is another eerie collection of sound effects and samples that plays into the whole theme of alien invasion and infestation.

‘Mutation Mutilation’ is possessed of a sweet Immolation esque intro, that judders and crashes upon your ears. Brutal death metal with variety and musicianship on show? Be still my disease ravaged heart! Don’t get me wrong, this is still very brutal, but the spiralling solo madness of this track is much more interesting than a lot of brutal death out there, and the minute long stomp of ‘We’re Outnumbered’ is also great. Final track ‘No Escape’ is all quality leadwork, with intricate guitar lines over a solid groove and there’s even some honest to good rock in there too. Definitely my favourite track on this EP, which is way too short for my liking.

Slaughtered Remains has crafted a brilliant EP here. To create and maintain a definite theme through a fifteen minute release, while showcasing not only brutality but quality guitarwork and some great fucking songs, is just stunning. I can’t wait to hear more of this!


Twin Town Tyrant Records

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Metal Nations Promotions


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