Review: Goatchrist – The Epic Tragedy of the Cult of Enlil

Posted: March 14, 2015 in Band of the Day, Demo Review, Reviews
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Goatchrist’s newest release, following on from last year’s ‘She Who Holds the Scrying Mirror’, follows a tale of Sumerian sorcerers tasked to find the Tablet of Destinies stolen from the god Enlil by the Anzu bird. Yeah. So, without knowing aNything about this story, (but totally going to go read it now) I decided to stick to evaluating the music. I’ll say one thing; its a lofty concept for a 17 year old…

The album opens with a moody intro, with some esoteric chanting and babbling while a haunting organ adds atmosphere. First track proper, ‘The Triumvirate’s Flight to Nippur’ is a raging slice of blackened death metal. There’s something very much of a rawer Melechesh about them, lacking the more overtly Eastern flourishes but the passion and the melodies are there. The guitar work is stellar, and everything from production to actual musicianship has improved greatly over their debut. ‘A Message Blows East on Sumerian Winds’ is built around a killer riff, and is soaked in easrtern melody. Slower than the previous, it brings a untold sense of groove and catchiness to the record. I love that riff, I seriously do. It’s been stuck in my head since I first heard it.

‘Plaguewood’ is another example of how mindblowing the fact that this is a one man outfit is. Whether its the brooding menace of the opening riff, the swelling keyboard effects or the juddering chug, Goatchrist’s biggest strength is the variety they bring to the UK scene. With a gurgling vocal growl, they’re playing straight into my highlights of 2015 thus far list. Overlaying blasting with creepy organ and ethereal voices works so well.

From the howling fury of ‘The Great Battle at Ninurta’s Temple’, a stunning example of blackened death, to the epic two part closer ‘Enki’ and the epilogue, Goatchrist have outdone themselves. One of the most mature releases by such a new outfit I have heard in a long time, and now they’ve risen to be one of my top acts in the underground. Wonder what’s next…

Band Website
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