Review: Devast – Into Decimated Reality

Posted: March 7, 2015 in Reviews
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Devast - Into Decimated Reality

Brutal death metal has rules. Certain rules that it must abide by to ensure that I’ve got any interest in it at all. It’s difficult for brutal death metal bands to stick out to start with, as few have ever managed to top Suffocation’s ‘Effigy of the Forgotten’, which is essentially brutal death 101. Devast, Algerian although now residing in Argentina, are the latest br00tal band to attempt to find an identity in this oversaturated genre. Does it follow the rules though??

The rules are as follows: It can’t be too long (check that, Devast’s ‘Into Decimated Reality’ is a pacey 25 minutes), it needs to avoid pig squealing as much as possible (check, vocal brutality is definitely from the lower end of tonal ranges), and it needs to have a reasonable amount of variation, not just blasting (check, righteous groove thundering through ‘Torture and Suffering With Archaic Process’). The final rule is to be as close to the perfection of brutal death that is ‘Molesting the Decapitated’. Here, we fall sadly just short!

‘Into Decimated Reality’, in short, is heavy as fuck. Twenty five minutes of blood and thunder, with jaged riffs spewing from every wound. Chaotic spiralling solos collide with massive, grooving blasts. It sounds like the bastard offspring of Devourment and Cannibal Corpse, with some serious technical chops on display, but still retaining that simple, sledgehammering assault. Highlights include the manic ‘Eradication’, and the hideously heavy ‘Cruel Methods of Punishment’. I really like this record; it provides a short, sharp shock of brutality to your cerebral cortex without overstaying its welcome or disappearing up its own arse with technicalities. Death….the brutal way.

Digital Pre Orders can be found here:

Official Video can be found here:

Into Decimated Reality is set for release 03/09/2015 in UK and 03/10/2015 in the U.S. via Gore House Productions as CD and Digital



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