Review: Censored – Demo

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Demo Review, Reviews
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You normally find a new band through a friend recommendation, finding it in a magazine or hearing about them on Facebook. Censored I found out about by being in my local chip shop one night and the owner spotted my Entombed shirt and started talking to me about one of his staff’s husbands being in the band. So whoever in Censored has a wife who works in Lucky Chop Suey in Carlisle, thank her for this!

Censored play unpretentious, traditional heavy metal, and you can download some of their demo tracks via their Facebook page. I’d recommend you do that, as they have got some pretty good riffs and solos, and its refreshing to find a band these days that just plays heavy metal the way it used to be. Not that I’ve ever been much of a traditional metal fan for the past few years, but the stomp of ‘All in My Name’ is thoroughly satisfying, and the propulsive ‘Carbine Thunder’ is another head nodder.

The slow burn of ‘No F-ing Voice’ has some cool, bluesy moments, with a fine emotive mid point solo before some up tempo thrash riffs appear and the solo squeals wildly behind it. Censored go for the heavier end of trad metal, bringing to mind Venom and Angel Witch rather than Maiden and Priest. There’s less melody but more heaviness. Less galloping riffage and a ton more groove. It’s something that I can really appreciate, and the roar of vocalist Big Al brings together the package nicely. ‘Demon Bones’ closes with some nice melodies and some deep bass and drum rhythms. All in all, a solid if slightly rough and ready demo that whets the appetite for more Northern groove.


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