Review: Bloodshot Dawn – Demons

Posted: January 25, 2015 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Band of the Day, Reviews
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An album that I heard nothing but good things about towards the end of 2014, but one I never got round to hearing was ‘Demons’ by Bloodshot Dawn. I first became aware of them on their 2012 self titled record, which ripped a massive hole in my face the first time I heard it. I have been recently reminded of the existence of this new record by my colleague in arms, GearyofWar. I thank him from the depths of my black soul. ‘Demons’ is, then, in an unenviable position of following up to a great record. Can it at least match the fury of its predecessor?

The simple answer is yes. The opening riff of the record, the soaringly melodic ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ that then detonates into a riff breathing monster, answers any doubts almost instantly. It is a reminder that not every new metal band is copycat shite. It reminds of the feeling I thought when I first heard Revocation. That kind of, ‘this is something pretty damn fucking special’. Bloodshot Dawn feel like what you imagine when you use the term melodic death metal. They’ve redefined it here, from the bludgeoning but stunningly technical ‘Consequence Complex’ to the glorious vastness of ‘Inadequacy’ and the futuristic fury of ‘Black Hole Infinity’. This is what death metal with meldoy is supposed to be like!

The great songs keep coming, from the neck breaking chugfest of ‘Unified’ with its killer intricate fretwork competing with the battery of double bass, to the stunning solo in ‘The Image Faded’. There’s a orgy of different styles here, with tech death, djent, thrash and melodeath all fucking in the same room. The production is top notch, with every minor note coming through clear as day, and this uber shinyness actually enhances the record, allowing every technicality to shine through.

The simple fact is, I love this fucking record. It has everything I’m looking for in a modern extreme metal record, from skull caving heaviness and uber technical riffing to more balanced headbanging moments. air guitaring the shit out of life moments, and vocals that are brutal yet totally coherent. And the album art is pretty cool too. Can I go back and redo my albums of 2014? Please? What do you mean no? FUCK!! Buy this fucking record


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