Band of the Day: Grand Magus

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Band of the Day
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Grand Magus are heavy metal. Sorry, I didn’t punctuate that correctly. Grand Magus ARE heavy metal. They are the spiritual successors to Manowar, a band so metal it was ridiculous. But, Grand Magus are much more subtle about it. They’re not over the top, there are no leather loincloths to distract you.

What Grand Magus bring are riffs. Huge riffs. Old school, heavy metal with metric fucktons of melody and heaviness. Their newest record, ‘Triumph and Power’ is a perfect example. They carve riffs from stone, melodies from the howling wind in the frozen trees. If I’m ever feeling even reasonably viking, which I generally am, I need Grand Magus on. They inspire such feelings of power, such force of will, that it is impossible not to clench fists and raise them to the sky.

They are my band of the day, and might be forcing their way into my favourite bands of all time now. For Glory or Death, HAIL VICTORY!!


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