Review: Suppressive Fire/Axattack – Covered in Conflict (Split)

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Demo Review, Reviews
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North Carolinian thrashers Suppressive Fire have teamed up with South Carolinian thrashers Axattack (that’s convenient!) for a four track split offering three covers and a thrash medley. I really dug Suppressive Fire’s debut recording, ‘Hellwraith’ so when I heard about this I figured it was bound to be pretty good. They’ve picked some good bands to cover; black metal legends Bathory, Irish rock legends Thin Lizzy and hardcore icons Black Flag.

So, to Suppressive Fire’s offerings first. The Thin Lizzy cover, ‘Massacre’ (from 1976’s ‘Johnny the Fox’), pays homage to the original’s twin guitar harmonies and bluesy groove but still comes across as quite thrash. I’m pretty sure this is the song that Alexi Laiho took the riff from to write ‘Bodom Beach Terror’ too, actually. Anyway, it’s a pretty badass version of the original, metalising it well. ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ is a pretty straightforward cover, and I must admit that outside ‘My War’ I’ve never been massively into Black Flag so maybe I’m selling it a bit short but it’s just alright for me.

‘War’ on the other hand is ripping. Suppressive Fire have captured the proto thrash rage of Quorthon’s baby in its infancy and given it a shiny 2015 twist. It’s lacking the original’s atmosphere but it’s played with gusto and therefore is rocking. Axattack’s ‘Who the Fuck are Slayer?’ medley has some of the finest moments of 80s thrash melted into one, almost seven minute tribute. Starting with a ‘Raining Blood’-esque drumbeat straight into ‘Seek and Destroy’, your inner metal nerd starts recognising all kinds of songs. Axattack are a bit rawer than Suppressive Fire, the Sepultura to the latter’s Metallica. They batter through Toxic Holocaust’s ‘Nuke the Cross’ straight into a ripping version of Venom’s ‘Black Metal’ and then straight back into ‘Seek and Destroy’. It’s an enjoyable rampage through some of heavy metal’s best moments, ending in a triumphant blast of Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’.

This is an enjoyable split of some well crafted thrash covers. These are two quality young bands who deserve support, and if nothing else, deserve to be heard as they do kickass versions of some of your favourites!

Get it here:


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