Review: Sathamel – S/T EP

Posted: January 5, 2015 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Demo Review
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Sathamel are a blackened death metal act from the Leeds/Bradford area of England, founded in 2011 and are now releasing their debut EP in January. I’ve read a number of good things about them in the past but have never actually got round to listening to them. Time to correct that mistake.

Their debut EP opens with ‘Rise’, a symphonic piece of menace and scene setting. It’s quite Septicflesh in its execution, and brings a bit of grandeur to proceedings before first track proper ‘Wingless’ explodes with thudding death chugs and rasping growls. A measured pace adds some welcome weight to the assault, and some nice guitar melodies weave their way throughout the heaviness. There’s some thick groove here but there’s an incessant dark atmosphere about it, traces of their black metal influence.

‘Scorch Blind Faith’ has a solid, Bolt Thrower flavour to it from the start, which is no bad thing. The emphasis is more on the slower, more methodic slaughter than the flailing speed of the kill. Sathamel take their time to bludgeon you; death is coming at you with the hammer, not the rapier. As you can tell, I’m digging this massively. ‘Venus, Morning Star’ is a bulldozer of blackened fury, with riffs of tectonic heaviness crushing all those in its wake. ‘Abaddon’ has a stomping, relentless main riff that’ll stick in your brain for days and closer ‘Eternal Hunters’ is the most furious moment here, with less chug and more rage.

Sathamel’s debut EP is gonna be hard to beat come the end of this year in the best underground demo/EP category for me. There’s massive riffs, brutality and some ace songs in this short release. It whets the appetite for more, and demands further plays. Buy the shit out of this here.


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