Review: Armies – Fatal Existence/Rotten Feelings

Posted: December 18, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Demo Review
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I first came across Armies, Chilean black thrash heroes,a while back when I was linked to their first demo, ‘Slave of Torment‘ earlier this year. I’ve just found they’ve posted two new tracks from their upcoming EP ‘Expectation in Solitude’ on their YouTube page and I thought hell yes it’s time for some new stuff. ‘Slave of Torment’ has been spun a few times this year, but has been buried under a lot of others I’ve received. Listening again to it before this reacquainted me perfectly with their sound; nasty, loud and very very black.

The new tracks are also along the same lines. ‘Fatal Existence’ opens with some seriously old school Sodom esque riffs before tearing off into a blackened thrash assault that’ll sear the flesh from your poor bones. This is raw, black thrash in the way only South American bands can pull off. I’m always amazed and yet heartened by the fact that bands from South America stick quite rigidly to the old school Hellhammer/Bathory/Sodom axis when writing their metal. Who needs fucking evolution eh? ‘Rotten Feelings’ is another clattering, chainsaw riffing beast. This kind of blasphemous, raw metal avoids all subtlety and heads straight for the jugular, tearing and shredding all in its path. It has whetted my appetite for the new EP, especially if it’s half as good as ‘Slave of Torment’ was.


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