Review: Mountains Crave – S/T

Posted: December 16, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Band of the Day, Demo Review, Reviews
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Mountains Crave are a band I heard a few months back, and have been eagerly awaiting a full length release since I first heard them. They’ve got their debut release available here on No Fun Intended Records bandcamp page, and it’s just too late to get on my favourite demos of 2014, as I haven’t had enough time to fully digest it, but it. Is. Great.

First of all, the artwork is stunning. I bought a patch off the band a while back, and I’ve always thought the logo looked good, but the record cover is a beautiful monochromatic image. It’s similar to ‘In the Nightside Eclipse’ for the intricacy and the fact you always see something new when you look at it. The record starts with a soothing, ambient intro called ‘Watcher by the Threshold’, which also throbs with an underlying menace, a vibe of uneasiness as it builds towards a crescendo. First track proper, ‘These Spirits Listen’, I’ve heard before, but only as a live version. The recorded version contains all the masterful sense of evil but the dynamics are clearer and more spacious. The song breathes, and is a rousing slice of combative black metal.

‘The Violet Hour’ is a slower, suffocating piece, building the atmosphere from the start with its measured intro. The addition of some violin work nearer the end of the track adds that little bit of something special. ‘City of the Immortals’ is the track Mountains Crave previewed their EP with on Facebook, and you can tell why. It is a strong black metal track, relentless in its assault but also possessed of some excellent song writing. Mountains Cave have maturity beyond a simple demo band. Their music is fluid, dynamic and interesting. Thank Thor for some interesting black metal that doesn’t rely on the simple buzzsaw and actually tries to be something more.

Closing with the titan ‘River, Breeze, Soil and Flame’, which opens with gorgeous acoustics and soft violin work, was a stroke of genius. It then expands into a vast odyssey of soaring black metal replete with raw vocals that enhance the surrounding beauty. Black metal like this is the spirit of the mountains, of the forests and of the North. Watch Mountains Crave, I see them being huge in a year or two. Buy the SHIT out of this release!


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