Funereal Drone Live Radio: The Killchain gets an hour

Posted: December 16, 2014 in General
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I’ve recently started my own radio hour on the Funereal Drone Live radio show. The guy that runs it, Matt, was kind enough to give me an hour on a Tuesday night to ‘play anthing I want’. It was very kind of him, considering the calibre of some of his other shows that he does. The full list is here. My first show was last Tuesday, and I just went all out on a full riff fest. I get an hour and featured Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth, Nile and others. My focus was on the riff, as it always is. This week I feature some of my favourite discoveries of the past year. Not all, sadly, as I only got an hour but it still features top quality artists like Chiral, Slaughter Throne, Skiddaw and Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta, along with some highlights from Indian metal, namely Born Rude and Eyes of the Martyr. These are all bands who I’ve enjoyed this year, and feel should get some more exposure. Hope you can all tune in. The link is here, just download the Live.FM radio app and search fro the Funereal Drone and it’ll be live as of 10pm GMT every Tuesday night. I’ll post the full tracklist on my Facebook later on. Cheers!


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