Live Carnage: Sabaton/Korpiklaani/Tyr (05-12-14)

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Band of the Day, Live Reviews
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Seeing Sabaton live reaffirms my love of good old fashioned heavy metal shows. I mean, I love a live ritual, a show that is more intense or savage, but there’s something incredibly life affirming about Sabaton in the live arean. The QMU in Glasgow was packed by the time we got there, and the queue outside led to me almost missing all of Tyr. Thankfully I caught the last two tracks which were well received by the crowd, particularly the horns in the air charm of ‘By the Sword in My Hand’.

Korpiklaani are normally somewhat of a party band. Invariably totally pished when playing, tonight they appeared to be relatively sober and thus somewhat disappointing. That’s not to say they weren’t good; leading the crowd in a rousing version of ‘Vodka’ and the always popular ‘Juden Vidaa’ the band were tight and entertaining. I just felt they missed some part of the spectacle (last time we saw them, the vocalist was so hammered he walked along the bar top while singing and promptly fell off!).

Sabaton however were better than off the scale. Racing on the stage with ‘Ghost Division’, the band are a whirlwind of anthemic power metal thunder. Led by the charismatic and banterful Joachim Broden, they play hit after hit, new songs like ‘Night Witches’ and ‘To Hell and Back’ fitting in perfectly with classic cuts like ‘The Art of War’ and ’40-1′. Offering to sing in Swedish rather than English for a rousing rendition of ‘Gott Mit Uns’ goes down well with a Scottish crowd, and between every song there are massive ‘SA-BA-TON’ chants. The band look genuinely taken aback by the reception, and we lap up every fist pumping chorus. Sabaton are energising, life affirming, brilliance. Pure heavy metal at its most electrifying.


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