Review: Necrocosm – Demo 2013

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Demo Review, Reviews
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Necrocosm are from Raleigh, North Carolina and play melodic death metal. Now, generally when you hear that term these days, you don’t think of classic stuff like At the Gates, early In Flames or Soilwork. You feel like it’s going to be yet another cookie-cutter metal band that rip off every Gothenburg riff you can think of. Thankfully, Necrocosm don’t play that game. Necrocosm play the game of brilliant riffs, passion and energy. It’s a pleasant experience to find a band who play this kind of metal with a renewed energy.

Opening track ‘Necrocosm’ starts with a chugging riff and some good growling vocals. Melodic death without the clean vocals? Lindberg be praised! There’s more than a dash of Lamb of God in here too,, which doesn’t hinder matters at all. Some soaring melodic leads and a solid drumming performance make this a good start, and the fact that Necrocosm understand that melodeath can include BOTH melody and death metal in the same place is refreshing.

‘Hypnagogic’ is more of the thrashing vintage, a flailing savagery that is stabbed through it’s dark heart with an ace spiralling solo. ‘Disavow’ finishes the demo on a strong note, a skull rattling vocal performance and take-no-prisoner riffs. Every shite melodeath band should listen to these three tracks and understand the things that Necrocosm do. Don’t sacrifice the death for the melodic and vice versa. Combine them into one tasty whole, like these guys!

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