Review: Souls of Jack Ketch – S/T

Posted: November 15, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Jack Ketch was, apparently, a 17th century executioner who became famous for botching executions. The Newcastle based death/thrash band who took his name as inspiration for their own have not, thankfully, botched their debut record. This is solid as a rock, head on collision force death/thrash that’s catchy and mosh worthy at the same time.

It starts with the stomp of ‘Going to Ground’, a galloping thrash track with a catchy chorus and a throaty roar powering it along. ‘Ouroborus’ has a killer, Destruction-esque groove about it, and ‘Hate Foundation’ is full of vintage Bay Area thrash moments. Souls of Jack Ketch know how to throw together some seriously heavy, chugging riffs as well as the faster ones, and the variety helps keep the music interesting.

‘Anonymous’ has a great, slow thudding riff to open, again laying on the groove good and thick. It reminds me of the kind of righteous deathly groove you get on Warbringer records. It’s pretty badass. ‘Uprising’ is the bastard son of early thrash and Autopsy, founded upon a sickening groove. Souls of Jack Ketch could never be accused of reinventing the wheel, but they take that wheel and give you a good battering about the face with it. The riffs are great, the groove is head banging and the songs are solid. Oh and there are some delicious solos too. Souls of Jack Ketch are perfect for when you just need a good dose of riffs and rage. Support here!


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