Review: Born Undead – Violator of Humanity

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Demo Review
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First off, I’m not normally a big fan of brutal death metal. I think there’s not only a limit to what I can deal with on an artwork basis, but I have a shorter attention span with it than most other genres. It’s only fair I get that out there before I spin this disc, a debut four track EP from UK upstarts Born Undead. Taking their name from an Autopsy song does give me hope though…

‘Violator of Inhumanity’ begins with the title track, which brings to the fore a definite Autopsy influence, particularly in the vocals. The riffs are sharp, the pace is good, and the vocals aren’t too guttural/pig squealy at all. Always a worry with brutal death metal bands. The solo that punctures this track at about the 2:20 mark is ace as well. ‘Revenge of the Necrovore’ is another solid track, full of razor riffing and thundering blastbeats. It is definitely faster, reminding me of the days when death and thrash were a lot more intertwined.

‘Splatter Fuck’ is so Autopsy-esque it hurts, but lacking slightly in that deathly doom crawl that makes that band so essential. That’s not necessarily a criticism on Born Undead; ‘Splatter Fuck’ is probably my favourite track on the EP. Its got a bit of menace to it, a slower pace and a deathly rumble suits the band well. ‘Undead Torment’ is a bit more upbeat, a bit more Obituary esque with  some nice guitar harmonies in parts. The double bass kick on this track is just punishing.

‘Violator of Humanity’ doesn’t break much new ground in the genre, bt as a four track slice of brutal death metal, Born Undead have written some good tracks here. Whether that quality can hold over a full length is yet to be seen, but they’ve got a good chance! Buy it here


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