The Killchain: One year on…

Posted: November 7, 2014 in General

So the magic of Timehop let me know the other day that I restarted my music writing with a vengeance one year ago. In that time, I have done more than I ever managed in the previous however many years I’ve been trying to write about music. But first, the blog itself.

The Killchain was set up originally to give me somewhere to practice my writing, to give out my opnions on certain bands and albums and as a creative nexus for ideas. Some of which I’ve been able to gestate successfully, others I haven’t. I’ve battled playlists with my good friend GearyofWar. I still struggle to find a better riff than the one that opens the song that gave its name to this site. Yeah the site is still a bit rough and I’m still finding my feet with regards to proper spreading of the word of the riff, but I’m getting there.

I’ve made friends with a great number of folks across the world; be it the North East death villians in Live Burial, riff tastic Indian chaps in the blistering Eyes of the Martyr or Undying Inc, savage black metal demons from the south of Cumbria or the ethereal blackened hordes of Italy. I’ve tried to support the best of underground metal where possible. I’ll have a list of my favourite discoveries of the past year put up soon, but a instant shout out goes to the black hordes in Skiddaw, Helvellen, Torver and Nefarious Dusk.

I got a position writing reviews for The Sleeping Shaman, for which I wanna thank Lee for all his support and help in giving me a place to write. I’ve reviewed some big releases for them, and have interviewed two of my favourite bands, Obituary and Anaal Nathrakh. That alone is more than a dream come true. Two of my reviews got picked up on the Roadburn Festival website as features on their bands of the day. I’ve also helped out Sixsixsix Music head honcho Steve with compilations and his upcoming magazine Metal Legions, which will include a selection of reviews and interviews done by myself. Legion of Andromeda even want to use a quote fom my review of their demo on the front of their DEBUT FUCKING RECORD!

I want to thanks everyone for their support, everyone who taken the time to read anything I write, and I hope you’ll still enjoy it in another year’s time. As always, WORSHIP THE RIFF, SLAY THE UNBELIEVERS!


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