Review: Fed to the Boars – Family of Swine

Posted: November 4, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Demo Review, Reviews, Supporting Random Scenes
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The advantage of befriending people in bands on Facebook is that they invariably share links to other bands in the underground that they know and want to support. Therefore I can then find them and support them too. Tonight’s example is Fed to the Boars, a nasty death metal group from Newcastle (What the fuck Newcastle, why do you create such sounds of evil and dread?!). Their three track release, ‘Family of Swine’ is available from their Bandcamp for a measly £2 and it’s worth every grimy penny.

Opening track ‘Family of Swine’ is a dirty, rattling chunk of raw Swedeath with all the chainsaw riffing you could want, completed by a gargling, growling vocal. It’s almost like somebody found a missing Grave demo from the early days, such is the filth displayed here. Second track ‘Meat’ is a minute and a half of blasting deathgrind attack, riffs sawing through bones and drums hammering through your skull. By the time we reach the end of the slimy ‘Snuffed Out’, a mere 9 minutes or so has passed, but it feels like you just got fucked in the ear by a zombie lumberjack. Love this shit, find it, worship at the altar of yet more awesome UK death!

(Credit to Matt Davidson of Repulsive Vision for sharing this tonight, that’s where I found it!)


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