Track Review: Murk Blare – Chronos

Posted: November 3, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Band of the Day, Reviews
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It’s been a while since I caught up with new music from my favourite breeding ground of metal, India. I finally realised the other day what it is about Indian metal that draws me in: passion. These are bands who play metal because they fucking love it. It’s honest, it’s both in tribute to and inspired by some of the world’s best metal bands, and they just fucking love it. Anyway, I’ve found another band that deserve to be heard by the wider world, Delhi progressive/groove metallers Murk Blare. When I contact them soon, I’ll find out what that means….

Chronos‘, the band’s new single, combines the thunderous propulsive groove of their countrymen Undying Inc, with dashes of progressive riff patterns that ape Meshuggah but lack that band’s oddity. Murk Blare are more straight for the jugular on this one, with thick slabs of djent riffs crushing those brave enough to be underneath them. Stop start juddering with atonal melodies jammed in reminds me of Mastodon in places as well.

I’ve never heard these guys until now, but I like what they do. It’s solid, heavy and full of enough progressive flashes to keep the interest while not getting overly technical. Yet again, India seems to be showing the way for bands to do reliable brutal metal that’s both well produced but heavier than an overweight submarine. SLAY!


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