Review: HaatE/Chiral – Where Mountains Pierce the Nightsky (Split)

Posted: November 3, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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A new split from two great Italian bands, both of which I’ve reviewed here recently. HaatE are a dark ambient project, and Chiral are more atmospheric black metal. Before I get started on the music however, that album art. Man, it’s stunning. I contacted Teo from Chiral and he told me it’s a place in Austria he visited. Add that onto the list of ‘metal places I want to go’.

HaatE take up three tracks on this split, two of which we’ve reviewed before on their ‘As the Moon Painted Their Grief’ debut. The new track, ‘Crystal Pathway’, takes a solemn keyboard led start, weaving a gloomy melody through thin waves of buzzing atmospherics. There are swells of synth every so often, and a mournful melody layers on top of the fuzzing background around the four minute mark. It’s soothing, if slightly menacing, particularly when a crackling voice appears from the gloom briefly. ‘Crystal’ follows that with what feels like Wolves in the Throne Room style black metal atmospheres, but lacking the harder edge. ‘When the Moon Painted Her Grief Pt.1’ is ominous, rumbling and forboding ambience.

Now to Chiral’s contribution. This is what I have been personally looking forward to when I heard about this release; twenty minutes of new Chiral, and it’s all one single track! ‘Everblack Fields of Nightside’ takes all that Chiral do in the way of epic, windswept black metal fury and cranks it up to ten. I don’t like to review long tracks bit by bit, as I think it should be heard in one. A rumbling, moody intro gives way to a scything tremolo riff, and from there we are taken on a blackened odyssey through worship of some of the finest names in dark metal. The howling, spirit from the depths of Burzum. The measured atmospherics of Wolves in the Throne Room. There’s even touches of HaatE’s ambient influence creeping over from the other tracks in places. There’s moments of blastbeat annihilation, and moments of contemplation. It’s masterful.

In short, pick this up. Wherever you can find it. The Chiral track is worth the price alone, and if you haven’t heard anything of HaatE, then there’s no better time to start.


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