Review: Adabroc – Tursa

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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I’ve just discovered Adabroc but wish I had known about this band the second it released music! An atmospheric black metal band from one of the farthest flung corners of the British Isles, the Isle of Lewis, Adabroc are named for a village on the northern tip of the island. I’m going to review all three of their releases so far released, starting with their debut ‘Tursa‘, released in 2011.

As to be expected with three tracks totalling just shy of thirty minutes of music, ‘Tursa’ is vast, rolling black metal greatness. Opener ‘The Frost of a Thousand Winters’ sounds huge, spreading like a plague over your speakers. As expected with a piece this long, we need ebbs and flows, troughs and peaks otherwise it can get tiresome. Fortunately, Adabroc’s music flows beautifully, combining a harsh bleakness with soaring atmosphere. ‘They Will Never Be Forgotten’ is the same, although it does contain a little more of the galloping, blastbeat powered black metal than it’s predecessor.

‘Tursa’ is a record that pulls together the best in atmospheric black metal. The songs are epic in length but in no way boring or samey. The melodies are vast, the atmosphere intoxicating and the music is great. You can imagine standing on a wind battered shore, looking out from a remote island to the sea to this music. Spell binding!


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