Review: Live Burial – Live Burial (EP)

Posted: October 23, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Band of the Day, Demo Review
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The debut EP from Newcastle’s filthiest sons has arrived! I reviewed their 2013 demo here and found it to be one of the nastiest slices of primeval death metal I’d had the pleasure of torturing my ears with for a long time. So when I heard their new EP had just been released, I jumped upon the opportunity to hear more. The demo has been spun repeatedly on my iTunes recently, and their potent mix of Autopsy/Coffins style crawl with the buzzing, chainsaw riffing of early Stockholm is simply great.

‘Live Burial’ starts with ‘Cast Back into the Fire’, which starts with an ominous, slow moving riff that could be straight from the gutters of Stockholm in the early 90s. It is steeped in a layer of dirt and grime, and when it takes off into a frenzied gallop, I feel like I’m listening to prime Grave. This is simply a killer old school death metal song, replete with great riffing and a howling roar of a vocal performance. It slows to a funereal crawl in the middle, bringing back the sludgy, Autopsy influence to the front.

The high quality opener is match by the other three tracks here. The title track we heard previously on the demo, same with ‘Separation Through Evisceration’, but the quality of production enhances what were already good songs. ‘Live Burial’ is thicker, clearer but yet denser. Shorter than it’s previous incarnation, but much improved with production quality, it is the monster crawling out of the swamp, looking for something to feast on. ‘Separation Through Evisceration’ is channeling prime Entombed, clattering into some prime Autopsy death/doom riffing.

Final track ‘Begging for Cremation’ is another new one for me, and is another ripping old school death track. Live Burial has put together here a very strong case to be considered one of the UK’s brightest hopes for the next big thing in death metal. Their debut EP is four great tracks of cavernous, raw death metal goodness. They have the riffs, the atmosphere, the songs down already, all they need is the chance. Download here and if you’re lucky enough to see them with Acatalepsy, maybe you’ll snag a physical copy. Hopefully I can get a hold of one before they disappear!


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