Track Review: Born Rude – Grand Disaster

Posted: October 7, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Demo Review
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I was contacted a while back by Indian thrash/groove metallers Born Rude‘s guitarist Washim Hasrat about doing a review of their debut track when they got it recorded and mixed. Of course I said yes because why not? Supporting new and unknown bands is what I do. Now, there was a bit of wait for this due to the track getting sent off to a different studio for mixing, but finally it has arrived!

‘Grand Disaster’ opens with the sounds of war, gunfire and explosions before the riffs kicks. A chunky thrash riff that grooves with intent. Bringing to mind early Lamb of God, Born Rude have got that New Wave of American Heavy Metal sound nailed down. It reminds me of fellow countrymen Eyes of the Martyr, but less polished and a bit rawer. It’s chuggy, heavy and a little bit awesome. Vocalist Vikram Bhandari has that Randy Blythe style too, that rasped, almost spoken growl in parts.

India seems to have a new crop of these Lamb of God clones coming through the woodwork. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and in fact Born Rude seem to be off to a good start. Whether the formula would end up sounding a bit tired and cliche over a full length we’ll have to wait and see. Untill then, turn up ‘Grand Disaster’ and bang your fucking head. Listen here


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