Review: Torver – From Beyond the Abyss

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Demo Review, Reviews
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As posted a day or so ago, I got a hold of the new Torver demo in the post, limited to an ultra kvlt 25 CDR copies in a great, well produced cover. Torver are another Cumbrian black metal band who I have featured in the past, but this is their first proper solo release. I reviewed their split with Funeral Path some time ago, and these are the same tracks as then but at last they have a release to call their own.

‘Manifestations of the Perverse’ is a horrible, rusty knife through the wrists as an opener. It’s raw, blasting and vicious black metal, bringing to mind Impaled Nazarene. The title track, ‘From Beond the Abyss’ is a similarly punishing, relentless assault on the senses. There is no fucking about here, nothing grand or sweeping majesty about this black metal. This is first record Bathory style black metal; primitive and savage in its attack. ‘Torn Apart by Rats’ sets out for the jugular, then decides to slow the pace in brief moments before returning to the blitzkrieg. ‘Thy Masters of Old’ I’ve spoken about before as being a highlight of raw black metal for me this year.

I generally go for the more vast sound when it comes to black metal, but occasionally I require something a bit more violent. This is where ‘From Beyond the Abyss’ comes in. This is bone rattling, curse uttering evil. Razor edged, throat shredding, metal of the black. Raise a glass of blood to the Dark One when you spin this disc. Buy here!


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