Review: Edguy – Space Police – Defenders of the Crown

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Where do you start with Edguy? Combining power metal theatrics with cock rock anthems (‘power cock’ anyone?), the Germans have released album after album of solid and increasingly good heavy metal songs since breaking through with 2004’s ‘Hellfire Club’. That was where I first heard Edguy, their track ‘Mysteria’ becoming an all time favourite fist pumper. My girlfriend is a massive Edguy fan. Or just a Tobias Sammet fan, I’m not really sure. Fortunately it has pushed her into the metal realm so I’m alright with her man crush. Anyway, Edguy’s new record, with the unwieldy title of ‘Space Police – Defenders of the Crown’ is out this year, and I fucking love it. Sorry. SPOILER ALERT.

Starting with the supremely power metal ‘Sabre and Torch’, Edguy know how to write a crowd pleasing, gig starting song with choruses the size of skyscrapers and the obligatory ‘whoa oh’s. Following with the anthemic and super catchy ‘Space Police’ and the galloping ‘Defenders of the Crown’, it is a one two three punch that plays for the more traditional metal fan. Then comes ‘Love Tyger’. A rival for my favourite track of the year, it’s a ridiculously camp and singalong cock rock anthem. It’s also fucking brilliant. I defy you to not have it wedged in your brain for days after you hear it.

‘Realms of Baba Yaga’ is another driving power metal anthem, where Sammet does his best Dickinson impression in parts telling his tales of the Eastern European legend. The album delves into the daft with the Falco cover ‘Rock Me Amadeus’, which is both terrible and great. It’s totally out of place, but yet works with the tongue in cheek music that Edguy play. Heavy metal isn’t supposed to take itself so seriously sometimes, and Edguy are a perfect example of when it is done right. ‘Do Me Like a Caveman’ is not quite up the previous standards, falling short but still being a decent song.

‘Shadow Eaters’ has probably the only heavy metal/any genre reference to the use of safety glasses. I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure. Ending with the combination of ‘Alone in Myself’ and the epic ‘The Eternal Wayfarer’, where Sammet’s work with Avantasia shines through, ‘Space Police – Defenders of the Crown’ has got to be up there as one of the most FUN records of 2014. Remember when music was fun and not a constant competition to be the most kvlt, the most heavy, the most brutal? Then this is for you. Altogether now, ‘THEY CALL ME LOVE T-T-T-TYGER!’


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