Geary of War: Godsmack’s ‘1000hps’

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Geary of War, Reviews
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Sometimes I’m too deeply entrenched in underground music. This is where Geary of War comes in. He yells down into the void, ‘HO! Remember there’s beer drinking metal too!’. And he is so right. Some of us get so involved in listening to music that’s dense, dark and extreme that we forget that when we’re in a bar on a Friday night and Pantera comes on, we cheer and headbang. Even when we don’t listen to it much out of those contexts. Paul has reviewed the new Godsmack record for us, which I haven’t heard but do remember loving the band when I was younger. Theu were bigger when I was a kid, and I always liked that Hetfield/Staley snarl of Sully Erna. Plus, they wrote some good alt metal riffs!

“Godsmack are a band who I became aware of via the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack and then saw them support Limp Bizkit as relative unknowns. They haven’t quite made it as big as they have in their homeland but after years of ignoring them, I was drawn back in by the balls out fun of the records. It’s not big or clever but after a few beers I could not care less.

‘1000hp’ starts off with the title track in what I’m sure will be a club favourite, high pace and short sharp chorus. ‘FML’ is musically sound and catchy and 90% decent lyrically, however proclaiming “so fuck my life” is something I would have loved as a daft young boy but as slightly more mature adult I’m disappointed. That said, massive redemption with ‘Something Different’. I will often do my cardio workouts to music and this was a winner, managed to get myself right into a groove and charged on, with superb use of strings adding a new dimension to the proceedings.

‘What’s Next’ is a good upbeat affair but ‘Generation Dead’ is where they once again raise their game. I found that the have developed a feel for the brooding groove, that driving track mentality and they execute it well with Erna’s vocals delivered in a manner that has you singing along in no time. ‘Locked’ and Loaded is fresh beer time and cut from the same cloth as ‘Cryin Like a Bitch’. ‘Livin In the Grey’, ‘I Don’t Belong’ use that formula they have executed for many a year, which is not to say they are not excellent songs, they stand tall with any track you care to name.

Eyebrows rise with the ‘Orion’-like start of ‘Nothing Comes Easy’, which is a hybrid of the new found feeling for sound with the punching riffs and drums they are renowned for.
‘Turning To Stone’ rounds out the 45 mins with something between the atmosphere ‘Voodoo’ and the beefed out sound of ‘Voodoo Too’.

Over all ‘1000hp’ is a decent record. Album of the year material? Gods no, but as something to stick on with your mates or while you are doing something else it’s ideal. Think of Godsmack as a less grizzled Motorhead, not in sound, but in the faith that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Maybe tinker but always deliver and you will get along just fine.


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