Review: Vacivus – Rehearsal Demo 2014

Posted: September 30, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Band of the Day, Demo Review
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Vacivus are another gem of the UK underground scene. First appearing in 2013 with their debut record, ‘Dawn of Chaos’, they have released a new rehearsal demo AND have confirmed their debut live gig at this year’s Byker Grave event in Newcastle. The rehearsal demo is the first music I’ve heard from Vacivus, but I’ll be heading straight to listen to ‘Dawn of Chaos’ after this!

‘Rite of Ascension’ opens with a dark, dense, sludgy sound, immediately raising the specter of bands like Hooded Menace or Coffins. This isn’t the savagely precise death metal of your Cannibal Corpses or your Hate Eternals. This is the howling voice of the void, groaning over rumbling Autopsy riffs and death rattling drums. It’s nasty as hell, and I fucking love it. ‘Ageless, Nameless’ starts with a wailing, eastern guitar riff that descends into another clattering assault on the senses. The spiralling solos on this track are awesome, and it is accentuating by the bowel rumbling depths of the other riffs. This is primeval, evil shit. ‘Hostis Rei’ has this uneasy vibe about it, almost Immolation in its swaying, off kilter groove. It is another finely crafted piece of old school death metal.

This rehearsal demo is a stunning mix of dense groove, thick atmosphere, vocals that sound belched from the deeps and undeniably good songs. ‘Hostis Rei’ is my highlight here, sounding like a soup of Immolation and Autopsy, with added gore thrown in. Recommended. Get it here!


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