Review: Nordenglander – Treading the Waters (EP)

Posted: September 30, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Demo Review, Reviews
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Nordenglander are featured on the upcoming SixSixSix Music Deep Underground digital compilation (keep an eye out for that baby, very soon), so I felt like I needed to become better acquainted with them. Their ‘Treading the Waters’ EP is available on their Bandcamp, and is another strong release from the scene.

Opening with the delicate acoustic number ‘Linn’, complete with twittering birdsong, Nordenglander match the natural beauty of their artwork, while evoking some of Drudkh’s more mellow moments. When the black metal kicks in on ‘Lost Beneath the Bows’, it is after an ethereal moment which erupts into cascading blastbeats and vicious tremelo riffs. There is something remarkably Emperor-esque about it, the vast scale of it with the backdrop of haunting keys. It is very ‘Nightside Eclipse’, which is a good thing. It’s always been my favourite Emperor record. The peace and tranquillity of birdsong reappears about halfway through, and it then becomes a bit of a pagan hymn. A melodic solo is a particular highlight, before the thundering darkness returns.

After the following ‘Interlude’, which continues the acoustics from ‘Linn’ but with a slightly more mournful edge, ‘Blackhill’ explodes into pure second wave blasting fury. Another ripping black metal track, and I like how the ethereal synth moves subtly in the background, adding to the atmosphere. With another soaring solo, Nordenglander are fast becoming a personal favourite. Closing with the more melodic ‘These Green and Pleasant Pastures’, ‘Treading the Waters’ is another great release from the north of England’s underground scene. One of these bands will become the new Winterfylleth, it is just a matter of time. Nordenglander could be it.


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