Review: HaatE – As the Moon Painted Her Grief

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Demo Review, Reviews
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Now, full disclosure. I’ve not normally spent a lot of time listening to what HaatE is deemed to be, which is dark ambient. I have listened to a decent amount of ambient music, plus ambient black metal, so I have a reasonable grounding in the style, but I am by no means an expert. So I thought this review would be reasonably difficult for me to do, approaching it as an almost novice. But, as they are releasing a new digital split with fellow countryman Chiral (big fan), I thought I better do what I can.

‘As the Moon Painted Her Grief’ is split into three tracks, each over ten minutes long. The opening track, ‘As the Moon Painted Her Grief (Part 1)’ begins with an ominous rumble, with a climbing synth line that buils slowly in volume and strength. It is a droning, hypnotising track, accentuated by heavier, dirging notes in places, and another melody that is reminscient of an organ. It then fades back to a crackling rumble, before the melody returns. It is a dark and draining piece of music, seeping into your mind and lurking within the dark recesses.

Second track ‘Crystal’ is much more ethereal, with sweeping synth at the beginning leading into a more haunting flute led melody. Then, all of a sudden, blastbeats! Well, not as you’d expect, but the percussive backdrop to this song makes it more immediate than its predecessor. There is something almost Wolves in the Throne Room about it, if lacking the bite and razor edge of the black metal aspect. This is then removed entirely for what is the most uplifting moments of the demo, as electronic melodies give that sense of open sky and brilliant sunshine.

‘As the Moon Painted Her Grief (Part 2)’ ends the record with some more menacing moments. The ‘dark’ element of dark ambient is more prevalent here; its more sombre and mournful. Percussion thuds echo through the gloom, sounding for all the world like bombs being dropped in the night. For all that HaatE isn’t my usual cup of tea, I do like the mood it portrays, with a droning quality that is both relaxing and interesting. Definitely worth checking out


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