Posted: September 25, 2014 in Band of the Day, Demo Review, Reviews
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RECLVSE are a Welsh doom band whose ponderous, fuzz soaked riffs bring to mind the wonders of Reverend Bizarre instantly. They have a murky atmosphere about them too, hypnotisingly bleak and dark. ‘Temptress!’ is a massive track, groaning with gothic undertones and a glacial pace before being powered forward by some more urgent riffing. RECLVSE have an interesting tone about their sound; it is uniquely odd. Vocally there is more than a hint of My Dying Bride in the intonations, and it suits the wall of sound like riffing.

‘Of Many Names’ is shorter, but still has that innate sense of ethereal strangeness about it. There is a charmingly lo-fi feeling about the proceedings, they feel like an intimate ceremony in an abandoned place. There is a definite sense of groove, but the glacial pace squeezes that to its limits. Solo guitar lines squeal from behind the grey curtain of doom, disappearing almost as fast as the light they brought. ‘Bewitch the Sky’ feels very Electric Wizard; having the same slow, drawn out riffs that envelop the listener. Mournful guitar lines soar into the grey unknown, grasping for strands of life.

RECVLSE have achieved something important in the world of modern metal, and particularly of modern doom. They’re playing music that, while nodding its head to a number of classic influences, doesn’t sound like anyone else. This release is dense, almost impenetrably at points, but the ghostly vocals and the oblique melody lines create something I’ve never heard before. It is bleak, glacial and beautifully depressing. Just like proper doom should be. Download here


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