Review: Unfolded – 2014 Demo

Posted: September 21, 2014 in Band of the Day, Demo Review, Reviews
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Recommended to me by SixSixSix Music’s head honcho Steve (after he signed them, man he’s got an eye for talent this lad), Unfolded are from Sweden and play a soaring style of melodic death metal. What’s that? Swedish and melodic death metal? You know what that sounds like? Yes, we all do, but Unfolded are the good kind, not the derivative rubbish kind.

Opening track ‘Exit Humanity’ pays homage to all the usual suspects, from pioneers At the Gates through the bombast of Soilwork to the ultra sleek In Flames. However, it is considerably rawer than the latter two, and has much more in common with ‘Slaughter of the Soul. Unfolded play the kind of melodeath we all loved before copycat bands stole every riff that Sweden ever produced and shoved them in shiny, singalong songs. Unfolded cram in some great melodies, and some clever use of dynamics helps the sound to expand, but they never feel derivative.

It’s a homage, rather than a blatant robbery. ‘The Devils Lullaby’ for example remind you of In Flames circa ‘Whoracle’, you know, when they were good….? Melodic death metal, like every genre people get sick of when it becomes popular, is full of great bands doing great things. Unfolded are in danger of disappearing beneath the fluff, which would be a serious mistake. There is a professionalism and a quality to this demo that surpasses some more polished releases I’ve heard on big labels. ‘The Conscience You Deny’ takes notes from the mournful majesty of Dark Tranquillity, while ‘Infidel’ soars and ‘The Lonely Tune’ grooves with some of the best melodeath riffs I’ve heard in ages.

This bodes very well for the debut full length, to be released sometime soon on SixSixSix Music. Unfolded are everything that is good about melodeath; the riffs, the melody, the passion. Get the demo here. Don’t be surprised if you see these guys supporting someone big, sometime soon.


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