Review: Undying Inc – Aggressive World Dynasty

Posted: September 21, 2014 in Reviews
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When the good people at Undying Inc sent me thier newest EP to review, they also sent me a copy of their last full length, ‘Aggressive World Dynasty’ as well. Aren’t they just the nicest sort of people? So here is a review of said record as a thank you. Now, I was a fan of ‘Ironclad’, having never heard of the band at all until they contacted me, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the release. I sometimes wonder if bands that I hear on EPs or demos have the songwriting legs to make it count on a full length. Undying Inc have provided me with the means.

After your standard intro of interesting noises and jagged guitar effects, we are thrown into the mixer head first with the punishing ‘Concept Error’. More of what make ‘Ironclad’ so good, there’s loads of chunky death metal riffage, punctuated with stop start moments and blasting drums. Earth-judderingly djent/death is the order of the day here, with riffs flying in all directions. ‘Membraneous’ follows with a similar, devil may care attitude for sticking with a riff. You feel like this is what TesseracT would sound like if one of them had an obsession with Suffocation. It’s uber slick, but doesn’t lose anything in that. If anything, the shiny production helps bring all the separate elements together.

The brutality continues, from the crushing ‘After-Math’ through the relentless ‘Manimal’ to the rage of ‘Xenophobe’. ‘Breeding Gods’ opens like ‘Chaosphere’ era Meshuggah, then pogos between plunging riffs and throat wrenching screams. There are riffs everywhere, sometimes making it hard to follow until all of a sudden a thunderous breakdown appears and we’re ok again. By concentrating on the heavy end of the djent spectrum, they aren’t falling into the pitfalls of other bands in the style who have all moved towards an almost commercial sound. Undying Inc probably will never be commercial, they are too complex for the scene kids and too heavy for the djent crowd. Their uniqueness is a breath of fresh air.

Undying Inc are a great example of the vitality of the Indian metal scene. They currently benefit from their location, as they’ll never develop any kind of real copycat tag. They’ve been doing this for the past 10 years, and it’s refreshing to see a band bring such intensity and ingenuity even after that long. They’re pulling out riffs that this world has never seen. They’ve yet to crack major Western markets, but a bit of time and the right promotion, and they could do well.


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