Review: Slaughter Throne – Wrath of an Ancient Darkness

Posted: September 21, 2014 in Demo Review, Reviews
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Another band on the list of ‘didn’t even get halfway through a song and I was already buying’, Slaughter Throne hail from Leeds and play a slick, thrashy form of black metal. In fact, on ‘Wrath of an Ancient Darkness’, they channel Polish maestros Behemoth with a combination of hard riffage, eastern melodies and tinges of death metal. It’s thick, it’s black, and its undeniably brilliant.

Take opener ‘Black Forest’ for example. It builds with a menacing crescendo, exploding into chunky thrashing riffs, dipped in the blackest of atmospheres and smothered in darkness. There’s a real substance to this; it isn’t thin and tinny like some demo black metal can be. The production values are fantastic, and really help the slower, grander sections feel just that little bit extra epic. ‘Black Forest’ is, perhaps unknowingly, a tribute to the vast imperial style of Immortal. It feels like it should be whistling through the icy valleys of the frozen North.

‘Wrath of an Ancient Darkness’ is more in the style of Behemoth, with subtle eastern melodies creeping in, reminding me particularly of that band’s masterpiece ‘Evangelion’. Slaughter Throne weave that subtle thread of melodies within their assault, and it makes their music memorable. That is not to say they are in any way simplistic, they are infectiously complex. Proof you can write vicious songs that would slit wrists at 50 paces but still be catchy.

‘Baptizo de Sanguis’ is the shortest track here, and probably the most straightforward. It leans more towards a death metal sound in parts, with a heavy chugging riff section that leads into the solo, and some proper death growls. ‘Altar of the Black Goat’ closes strongly with another slab of frosty riffage and blood gurgling vocals, bringing a more ponderous, black metal evilness to the proceedings. One of the strongest debuts I’ve heard in a long time, I can’t believe these guys aren’t signed. It’s an affront to quality music! Support here


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