Review: Undying Inc – Ironclad EP

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Reviews
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Undying Inc is one of India’s longest running metal bands, being part of the scene for over 10 years. Their bassist Reuben Bhattacharya emailed me a copy of their latest EP, ‘Ironclad’, after reading some of my work on fellow Indian flag bearers like Demonic Resurrection and Bhayanak Maut. Let’s see what they bring to the table from the vast untapped cauldron of metal excellence that the subcontinent is proving to be. Opener ‘Snakes of Inertia’ is a downtuned slam fest of grooving, polyrhythmic riffs with hints of djent breakdowns and a roaring vocal. It is dazzlingly technical, juddering from left to right like the riffs are caught in a hurricane. Spiralling guitar melodies give way to thunderous breakdown and vice versa. Undying Inc are clearly inspired by Swedish riff manglers Meshuggah, incorporating dizzying tempo changes and enough riffs to flatten mountains. And that’s just the first track… ‘Pit Mechanics’ is much more deathcore in style, seriously downtuned riffs crushing everything in their path, vocals yoyo-ing between gut wrenching screams and bowel rattling growls. There’s some more of that jagged riffing that is quite distinctive. I can see this causing much pit destruction when it is played live, perhaps that’s what the name refers to? Nevertheless, it is another bruising workout in breakdowns and death metal riffing. The title track is yet another stormer, kicking off after what sounds like 8 bit Sega music at the start. It is a much more straightforward rager, less temp changes and thrashier. Undying Inc have a strange hybrid of progressive, Meshuggah esque polyrhythmic djent and straightforward deathcore, creating some more interesting examples of extremity than we’ve heard in years. Closing with the Pantera medley ‘Beyond Trendkill’, a fine tribute to the memory of Dimebag’s stellar guitarwork by unleashing the heavy in seriously devastating fashion, Undying Inc’s ‘Ironclad’ mark them out to be somewhat unique in the Indian metal I’ve come across thus far. It is unrelentingly heavy, unashamedly complex and ludicrously brutal in parts. Check it out if you like feeling your head being caved in by angry giants. On speed. Listen here and buy here

  1. xzing says:

    They are the best!!!

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