Track Review: Eyes of the Martyr – Possessed

Posted: September 17, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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The guys from Indian deathcore/groove metal mob Eyes of the Martyr have released their new single, yesterday I believe, and as I have developed a bit of a rapport with them, and the fact that I like what they do, I’ve decided to give them another review. ‘Possessed’ has a much more ominous start than ‘Incubus Breach’, growing a buzzing, tremolo riff slowly from a tribal, percussive drumming base. It starts to build, slowly, almost in a post metal style for the first minute or so, and then the riffs slam in and you’re hurled into a mosh centric breakdown. The roaring, Blythe-isms of Amir Hasni again are perfectly suited for the hammering, Lamb of God style riffs, but the rhythms and structures are more unusual, less straightforward which creates a bit of a unique vibe.

‘Possessed’ is longer and more complex than ‘Incubus Breach’, shoving in a new set of ideas into the basic NWOAHM framework. There’s a stop start riff section around the 4:30 mark that is pure pit fodder, but to call Eyes of the Martyrs mere copyists would be easy, and false. This is a band that could become something special, if a full length release can maintain interest and not just descend into lazy, bread and butter riffs. If they take the elements they show that make them a bit unique; the acoustics at the start of their first single, the buzzing, almost black metal riff opening to ‘Possessed’, and the general off kilter feeling of their timings, and use that as a basis to create, Eyes of the Martyr should raise eyebrows.

Check it out here


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