Review: Austerymn – In Death…We Speak

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Austerymn have been going for 24 years in various forms and are yet to release a debut album in any of their incarnations. I mean, that’s a fucking long time man, and their recently released two track demo ‘In Death…We Speak’ makes that statement seem even more ridiculous. If this band has been THIS good for that length of time, why did no one ever sign them? Seriously? I NEED ANSWERS! Anyway, their promo is available from their bandcamp for nothing if you want it. Which you will after you hear it.

‘In Death… We Speak’ is a slab of serious Swedish death metal worship. The opener and title track has a brilliant, chainsaw riff that just screams classic Grave or Dismember. This is relentless, pummelling death metal glory with all the blood and guts required. Vocally you’re looking at a brutal cross between the gargling of Autopsy and the growl of Entombed. Second track ‘Excarnation’ is more of the same, except faster and more brutal. It is a flailing, slavering beast that has crawled out of Stockholm circa 1991 and then slept for over a decade before being awakened by these masters of death. Seriously labels, get this band released properly! As they said themseves, they may be clones and worshippers of the iconic Swedish scene, but at least they do it well. Well is an understatement.

  1. Rik Simpson says:

    Thank you for the killer review!
    You need answers? Ha so do I! But in reality the main reason for not getting signed was we just couldn’t get a stable line up, our first early 1990’s demos featured either a drum machine or session musicians who were great but didn’t want to join on any kind of permenent basis! So when main members Steve Critchley and myself (Rik Simpson) went to university and got jobs etc at opposite ends of the country we put Austerymn (Godless Truth we were called then) on hold!
    2007 after Critch moved back up north we said come on let’s go for it!
    We released When Silence Drowns The Screams Demo selling 200+ copies.
    Then we did In Death…We Speak in 2013 and everything went mental! We were featured on a fear Candy CD on Terrorizer mag (UK) Rock Hard mag (Germany) gave us a cracking review. Stu joined us on lead guitar, then drummer Paul Lewis later to be replaced by Nikk Perros. We’ve now signed with Memento Mori records (Spain) and we are in pre-production for our first album out April 2015! We’ve played live (the first time in 24 years) and have lost more shows booked!
    And the rest they say is history!!
    Thank you again for all your support!! We really appreciate it!!


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