Review: – Live Burial – Demo 2013

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Demo Review, Reviews
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I stumbled upon Live Burial while scouring the Facebooks for underground UK metal bands. Last year’s demo is available from their Bandcamp. What it is is three tracks of nasty, sludgey old school death metal. No, in fact fuck that term. It’s becoming overused and leads to assumptions that can be either positive or negative. Live Burial are raw, sludgey death metal with classic influences. That sounds better.

To the demo. Opening track ‘Eaten from Within’ builds from within a gloomy, atmospheric intro; a murky production job really helps to create a feeling of dread. When it finally explodes, it sounds like a group of cavemen fighting to the death in a swamp. It is tar thick, devastatingly dark when slower and dangerously violent when fast. ‘Live Burial’ is an unhinged and chaotic beast of a track, a cavernous freight train of clattering drums, tearing riffs and howling death growls. When it slows again to a deathly crawl, it reminds me of the devastating force of early Autopsy, or more recently the creaking death of Coffins or Hooded Menace.

Finishing strongly with the driving ‘Seperated Through Evisceration’, Live Burial have put forward a strong showing for a young band. I find it difficult with this style of death metal to be kept interested all the way through, but Live Burial have enough variety and talent to do just that. Worth checking out

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