Review: Blind Spite – Extinction Event

Posted: September 6, 2014 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Demo Review
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I reviewed Blind Spite‘s excellent ‘Dethrone the Earth’ release a while back, and have just found out that they have released their newest collection of blackened death hymns upon this miserable Earth. It is available as a buy it now through their Bandcamp page, and in physical form at Legion Blotan Records. Now, at the time of writing, this has only been available to download or buy for about an hour maybe, but I’m already hooked on it.

‘Extinction Event’ is another four tracks of savage, blackened death metal. Opening with the flailing rage of the title track, Blind Spite set out their plan of attack very quickly. We have rampagingly technical death metal riffs, smothered in a nasty black metal atmosphere and topped off with a vocal performance that sounds like a howl from Hell’s wind tunnel. It’s raw, harsh and very fucking cool.

‘Doubt’ has a more creeping start, a slow build mix of growls and melancholic, atonal melodies. The contrast with the opener is abrupt, and shows that Blind Spite are not just a blasting one trick pony. There is obvious traces of a death/doom influence in the atmospherics, and even when the blastbeats return and the pace quickens, ‘Doubt’ never loses that oppressive feeling. Like being trapped in a dark forest, rays of light appear through the gloom. Maybe you’ll stumble on a clearing, a space of air and freedom, but it doesn’t last. This breathes darkness and complexity.

‘∞’ is a lot more esoteric. Replete with ghostly harmonies, blasting and slower chugging moments, it is the hybrid of death metal and black metal you’d expect. It has the often soaring black metal tremelo riffing, underpinned by a thick, death metal bassline and drumming. It’s very ‘Ordo Ad Chao’ era Mayhem, which is only a good thing.

Finishing with ‘Construct’, another strong piece of grandiose black death, ‘Extinction Event’ is a release that shows how Blind Spite have incorporated such maturity into such a small release. If you told me a much more established band had released this, I’d have believed you without hesitation. That’s probably the best compliment I can give. ‘Extinction Event’ has catapulted its way into one of my top underground releases of the year. THROW SILVER IN THE DIRECTION OF THIS AND BE IN WONDER!


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