That’s right, it’s time for another random visitation to a place of unknown metal. This week, I’m looking towards the frozen eastern lands of Estonia. Former Soviet republic. Most famous for Metsatoll, who of course I shall not be featuring but are a very good band and I recommend much of their music. I feel that Estonia is one of those countries that has one big famous band, yet I’m not really aware of anything else that’s happening there. So I went exploring and found a number of excellent bands

First on the list is Necro Strike, a nasty death metal/crust band from Viljandi. As I have little to no idea about Estonian as a language, all I can figure out is that they are unsigned and are looking for a label. Stream their track ‘Romeo Ja Jaulia’ here, and prepare to have your face removed.

Next are Tharaphita, a pagan metal band with a tasty slice of the blackened straight through the middle of them. They’ve been going since 1997, and I feel embarrassed to admit I’d never heard of them until tonight. I listened to some stuff from their newest record Ulestous, and it’s pretty badass. It doesn’t have any of that flute bollocks that other pagan metal bands have, and they have some cool, icy Gorgoroth-esque riffs in places. I recommend this very highly. Listen to a great example of their sound here.

Third are ambient black metallers Vanad Varjud, who have only released their debut album this year, ‘Apooriad’, on tape through Hexenreich Records. It is a mournful slice of depressive, hypnotic black metal, with what I can only assume is spoken word Estonian over the top. It adds to the mystery of what this band are trying to present, and I think it works well. Listen here.

Finally are thrashers Cantilena. I like these guys, their sound reminds me of early Exodus or Overkill, they definitely have a dash or two of Bay Area influence. It’s rather melodic and catchy too which is essential for thrash tracks. Listen here.

  1. Thon says:

    Check also here lot`s of Estonian bands/releases

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