Geary of War: Music, Maturing and the Land of Nostalgia

Posted: August 2, 2014 in Geary of War
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I am soon to be entering my 30th year on this planet. This landmark has given me occasion to pause and reflect upon albums which left a profound impact on me or are something to which I could attribute musical development with a timeframe in my life. As a child I was exposed to rock via my father. He was a huge Slade fan in addition to owning some outstanding records. I can say that the first four vinyl records to enhance my ears were Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells, The War of The Worlds Soundtrack, Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast and Black Sabbath’s legendary debut. I still remember my father saying “listen to the rain”, mesmerising stuff. That being said, classic rock compliations aside I was a wandering soul prior to my 16th year, I listened to classic rock, the radio and dance and happy hardcore as that was the social norm. Then following a tape made by a friend this happened.
The Nu Metal Years.
The tape in question has a lot of indie stuff on it, Idlewild, Symposium, Feeder but also Nirvana and Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit.
Immediatly I gravitated to the heavier angrier sound, not that I didnt appreciate the mellower efforts but let’s be fair, I was 15, full of testosterone and wanting agression. A few weeks hard saving from my meger £11 paper run and off to Glasgow I go. I had no idea about town, I went to HMV, I bought Nevermind at £17.99 the fool that I was. I then listened to that for a long time. But it wasnt angry enjoy all the way I needed. I aquired other CDs and tapes along the way but as a major contributer to my journey to metal, one landmark I have to highlight is the day I bought Significant Other, the CD that Break Stuff came from. I took it home, I listened, loud, my mind was blown. I watched the CD ROM (remember them!?) of Nookie, I was hooked. Couple that with Issues by Korn, a new part time jobs that paid cash in hand, a bus stop near Virgin Megastores with Kerrang and cd vouchers and my Nu Metal crusade began.
I bought as much as I could, copied to Mini Disc ( they were the future goddamn it) and at some point was a fountain of nu metal, rap metal wonder. Of those albums what can i still listen too? Korn Issues for sure, Deftones who got lumped with the nu metal tag but are much more than that. Limp Bizkit for sure, nostalgia is a huge part of that, I make my own best of but I cant slam the door on them. Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Ill Nino ages poorly to my ear. I cant listen to newer bands with that sound, it doesnt grab me anymore but it will always have a place in my collection as it opened my ear to heavier and heavier things.
The Evolution Years
In this window of my life my cash went on drinking, music and gigs, I would go to gigs based on one band but in the process of this I would learn about other bands and so the cycle continued. A mate of mine played me Static-X, Black and White from Machine. This opened my ears to something with much heavier vocals plus mental hair? I was in. Then game the news of the now ill fated Tattoo The Planet. Now I knew Static-X on the bill but who where Raging Speedhorn, Biohazard i knew one track, Last Man Standing from a Metal Hammer cd but the co headliners, Pantera and Slayer. I knew by name but that was all. Boy did that change fast.
I borrowed some CDs, Reinventing the Steel and Diabolis in Musica. Coupled with a new found love for Sepultura ( I bought Nation cause it sounded metal, Roots cause I was told it was ace) suddenly a new world opened up before me.
Through a meeting of minds and passion to share music bands were brought into my life, some have never left, some visit on occasion some it was a one time deal.
But with each album there’s something new, a new way to listen, compare, channel a focus.
Of those albums and all from self discovery I would say these stand the test of time for me;
Limp Bizkit – Significant Other
Korn – Issues
Pantera – Vulger Display of Power
Slayer – God Hates Us All
Septulura – Roots
Machine Head – Burn My Eyes
Capricorns – Ruder Forms Survive
Cult of Luna – Salvation
Breach – Venom
Darkthrone – A Blaze In A Northern Sky
Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow
TOOL – Lateralus
I know some of those albums are often lauded classics of a genre but its so true. The are top for a reason, they change the way metal can be taken on board.
If I take other genre melting albums which still stand up for me I would say;
Nasum – Helvete and Shift ( always listened to together)
Anaal Nathrakh – When Fire Rains Down From The Sky, Mankind Will Reap What It Sows
Superjoint Ritual – Use Once And Destroy
Neurosis – A Sun That Never Sets
Sunn o))) -The Grimm Robe Demos
Soilent Green – Sewn Mouth Secrets
There are many others that could make the list and no doubt I will refer to them in future but this isn’t about listing everything I like, its about taking that moment to appreciate those albums which never stop giving you something to savour. Finding those albums are what makes the search always worth it.

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