Review: Unfathomable Ruination – Self Titled

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Reviews
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Did you see that ‘death metal band in a box’ display that was on some art exhibition this week in London? Death metallers Unfathomable Ruination played in a soundproof, airtight box until their oxygen ran out. They could have literally been ‘death’ metal… They became a band that was on my ‘cool name, should check them out’ list to my ‘must hear asap’ list. It’s a pretty cool name, surely the music should be good too?

Their self titled EP is only three tracks long, yet contains enough heavy to bulldoze mountains. Opener ‘Echoes of Universal Futility’ is punishing, letting rip with guttural gurgles and growls while blastbeats pepper the landscape of scything riffs. It even has an epic breakdown. It’s a solid start, if slightly unimaginative. Kudos for the incredbile guitar spirals at the end though, they are fucking cool. ‘Inundation of Elemental Indifference’ continues the trend of naming songs with ‘BIG WORD BIG WORD of/in/to BIG WORD’ but is another mid paced tech death shred fest. Unfathomable Ruination clearly take their cue from the Suffocation school of death metal; layering savage guitar riffs over unremitting drum violence and low growling. They lack the song writing chops of the New York titans but they are moving in the right direction.

Final track ‘Suspended in Entropic Dissipation’ is a corker, a brutal death metal assault from all angles. Opening with a charging riff with a slightly odd time signature, it then explodes into a skin shredding nail bomb attack. The band twist and turn in every conceivable direction, and I love it.

Overall it’s a decent if slightly derivative debut recording. Their newer stuff is definitely more mature and contains better song writing, but as debut EPs go, there have been many that are MUCH worse.


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